Your Car Deserves the Best Protection!

Protect your vehicle, yourself, and others with our customized private car insurance policy.


From zero depreciation cover to NCB protection, we offer the best benefits to keep you covered.

What car insurance policy cover for you?

Damage to Vehicle

Protects against costs from accidental damage to your car.

NCB Protections

Maintains your No Claim Bonus benefits even after a claim.

Key Replacement

Covers the cost of replacing lost or stolen car keys.

Third Party Loss

Provides financial protection against damages to third parties.

Loss of Personal Belongings

Compensates for personal items lost or damaged in your car.

Injury to Owner/ Driver/ Passengers

Covers medical expenses for injuries sustained in an accident.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Ensures full claim payout without depreciation deductions.

Customized Comprehensive Car Insurance for Every Vehicle

CRI Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. offers its customers a customized Private Car Insurance policy that covers damage to vehicle, injury to owner / driver / passengers, third party loss, zero depreciation cover, loss of personal belongings, key replacement, NCB protection etc. Get your vehicle and third party damages covered under a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. Whether you own a basic hatchback or a luxurious SUV, we have comprehensive car insurance policy that will just suit your needs. Contact us today to know the benefits of buying Car Insurance Policy through us.